Top Quality Interior Designers from Spain

In this article you’ll read about the best interior designers and it could be perfect for you if you want to renovate your apartment, as interior designers really take into account your personal tastes, while instilling a sense of Spanish passion in the same time. Turning your property into a stylish home isn’t as easy as it may sound as it requires money and time, as well as sourcing items, so we recommend that you hire a professional interior designer in order to make a wise investment and secure your dream home. Interdisciplinary designers are the ones to watch, as Spain is full of art which extends to home décor as well as unique souvenirs, so here are some of the best interior design options.


These are the designers we look to as distinctive, so below you’ll find our list. We have chosen some of the most creative minds, so if you’re curious find out all there is to know about some of the most powerful people in the interior design industry, who happen to be our favorite designers, recognized as some of the best in the world for their outstanding work.


  1. Jaime Beriestain

You can find him at Beriestain Interiores, or by contacting him on He opened his office in 2002 in the center of Barcelona, and in 2013 he opened his concept store, working on many international projects.


  1. Luis Eslava

His 2005 project acknowledges the rise of digital society with the tongue-in-cheek suggestion that there’s no one better than Virgin Mary, and the studio collaborates with companies such as Spain Sancal, Velcro(R) brand and TFK Kuwait. His aim was to understand design with training in different disciplines in which the making in the creative is the key to an innovative approach through projects such as Face to Face 2006 (a prominent lighting company).


  1. Masquespacio

Their interior designers from Valencia work with leading Spanish home ware designers for all kinds of spaces.


  1. Patricia Urquiola

The Spanish-born interior designer has designs which are mostly known for the recognizable playful elements.


  1. Knox Design

Interior Designer Justine Knox is one of the best known, with two stores, and can certainly turn any property into a dream home. Knox Design is best-known for its eclectic tastes which means they are a great choice for a complete renovation or just the decoration of a single room, having a varied client base.


  1. Jaime Hayon

Hotel Barceló Torre De Madrid is a new personal chapter, an accomplishment in his career, firmly establishing him as world class talent, and the chance to create something unique in one of the city’s most iconic buildings was an opportunity become fully dedicated to the creation of a unique space. Hayon set up his own studio practice and dedicated himself fully to his personal projects, and his esteem of artisan skills and his concern for the conservation of craft skills have allowed him to push the boundaries of functions, as well as the evolution of his work.

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