Spanish Manufacturers: The Best Kitchen Stores

Cooking at home is cost-effective and your wallet will thank you, but investing in equipment will pay off in the long term, so get ready to dive into the wonderful world of kitchen stores, from cast-iron pans to vegetable spiralizers. Second-hand furniture is not widely available, but if the item you choose is in stock they will bring it up to your apartment. We thought I’d go on a little trawl and see what we could find.


Madrid’s streets are crowded with bars and it can be hard to resist the tempting tapas, but at some point you’ll need to stock your own kitchen and luckily, there are enough stores provide you with everything you need to start your culinary journey. Buy your own paella pan, as this is the first step. The Catalan city of Barcelona is full of boutiques and designers, showcasing original souvenirs and the merchandise are more than just beautifully crafted, as many of the outlets have a moral compass too, a commitment to supporting local brands.


We could go on and on about the love of Spanish food, but you’ll inevitably want to try making some of it and there’s no better way then attempting to recreate it from scratch. We realize kitchenware is not the most riveting of subjects but we love a kitchen gadget, and kitchen shops are perfect for people looking for that cool item or the perfect gift for a foodie friend, as well as cookware or a Lékué Steam Case. Whilst visitors can easily spend their days making their own discoveries, we’ve compiled a list to help navigate your shopping trip.



It opened in 1978, and all of it is top of the line if you’re ready to make a worthy investment, at admittedly high prices – you can even place an order online.



The PORCELANOSA Grupo is constantly improving the productive processes positioning thus the brand as a benchmark of quality and enabling the creation of the Emotions kitchens range. The background spray booth has been renovated, automatically mixing accurately each additive necessary, ensuring uniformity. Gamadecor has become the first Spanish manufacturer of kitchen furniture, according to the rankings published by Cocina Integral, maintaining its leadership with figures that almost double those of the second company and showing an increase in the turnover by 40% over the last five years.



Distributor of kitchen utensils, they carry products from all the Valencian manufacturers, manufacture all kinds of utensils, as you will find pans in all sizes and materials, industrial gas burners, and all kind of other utensils.



Taula i Cuina (c/ Tamarit, 162) is a fabulous store where you can find all the well-known cooking brands, as well as an excellent range of cooking gadget, and you can catch up with them on Instagram or pop in when you’re Sant Antoni.



Here you can find pieces to decorate your apartment, posters, stationary, soaps and kitchenware, and the store has a blissful vibe.

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