Kitchen Accessories for a Spanish Kitchen

Most of the utensils in your kitchen are used in kitchens around the world: a frying pan, knives, and the like, as generally one does not need special cooking equipment, but there are some to put on your wish list for a more authentic Spanish vibe. If you’re redesigning your kitchen, you’ll want to check out the top style elements to incorporate into your design. Kitchens have to withstand the rigours of everyday use, so we’ve been investigating the needs of kitchen users for years and trying to come up with ideas on making modern kitchens more practical.


Preparing Spanish food requires a basic kitchen, but there are some essential items you ought to have. Spain’s revolutionary fine-dining restaurants and jam-packed pintxo bars have landed at the top of every food-travel bucket list, as basques are so persnickety about quality that double-thick txuleton steaks and garlicky salt cod al pil-pil contain only a few ingredients. If you’re dreaming of a perfect Spanish kitchen, be aware that it is based on simple ingredients, such as an egg but of course, you’ll also need some staple kitchenware items, from traditional utensils that have become a must.


You’ll find plenty of eye-catching accessories, so in order to bring a taste of Spain’s culinary mecca, we’re sharing our top picks which are sure to stick around awhile.


  1. Ceramic and clay pots

The trusty workhorse of Spanish cookery, they have been used for centuries and their indirect heat is essential for a Basque salt-cod dish in order to emulsify. Cazuelas will keep your Spanish dish hot. If you’re looking for good quality dishes that can be used on a gas stove or on the grill, as clay dishes are great for keeping food warm and are often used for tapa rations as well as cocidos. These traditional dishes are a nice addition and are available in various sizes.


  1. Pressure Cooker

The typical Spanish cook uses it to make many traditional Spanish dishes faster.


  1. Almirez

If you step into any Basque kitchen, you’ll find trusty canary-yellow mortar with cheery green detailing, which come in handy for grinding choricero peppers for the fisherman’s stew. Different regions use it for different things even today, and most would agree that nothing can get the job done quite like it.


  1. Pan

The BRA Nonstick Induction Pans give something poetic to a paella, and this line made in Catalunya, is ideal for pan-roasting oversize cuts, like Basque turbot. For cooking paella over open flames, carbon steel is the best, but enameled pans function just fine and come in a huge variety of sizes, although all are round in shape and the design encourages the liquid to evaporate.


  1. Ramekins

They are small porcelain dishes, perfect for a variety of desserts.


  1. Immersion Blender

How else are you going to make a gazpacho, for even those who don’t have the first notion about cooking have one?


  1. ‘Roof Tile’ Dish

Paying homage to the terracotta roofs called caseríos, this serving dish is available through Bilbao-based Ekohunters.

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